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*New Single Out Now
on iTunes - Spirit Of You

*Studio Time* Mairead is back writing and recording tracks in her own home studio. Incorparating various electronical & acoustic experimental soundscapes. The only clue we get is that it's everything but funk!

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  • Singer
  • Song Writer & Lyricist
  • Soundscape Artist
  • Dancer/Movement
  • Visual Artist

Mairead Emfada Music www.emfada.co.uk
Who Is SHE Anyway??!!

She's from an untouched beautiful Ireland of rural landscapes.

She sings of...

Spiritual Enlightenment,


The Elements,



Manmade Technology,

Adventures in space

The torments & joys of desire, love & lust...,

The living & dying of planet earth,moon and stars

Venus & Mars,

The family dog (& cat)!

The people she meets along lifes journey...


Her spontaneous vocals and well crafted lyrics hold a deeper message for the deeper mind.

Her performances intrigue me.

And so may the world know her...

Having been described by John Peel as having "an alluring vocal delivery, spontanously bursting with sensuality, that is dark and beautiful... gothic. Celt...."


Love planet Earth? Read this...

Mairead Emfada Music www.emfada.co.uk--

Mairead Emfada Music