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*Studio Time* Mairead is back writing and recording tracks in her own home studio. Incorparating various electronical & acoustic experimental soundscapes. The only clue we get is that it's everything but funk!

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  • Studio Time
  • Studio Time
  • Studio Time

*Studio Time* Mairead is back writing and recording tracks in her own home studio. Incorparating various electronical & accoustic experimental soundscapes. The only clue we get is that it's everything but funk!

Mairead says: "Funk was a superficial role I played... that's all... As a performing artist I played it as I like to have a laugh and because I really like to dance.I am a very physical person." Even though I play it with all my heart, it becomes all a little meaningless to me in time. It's important to follow ones true path. So I'm back to reality doing what I prefer... as it is much more ME... I am Mairead Emfada the moody artist. I get involved in the whole recording/production process.I get charged up. Noone can tell me what to do. I push myself right in emotionally, I let myself be dragged through the jagged edges, it hurts a lot and I become the music. Making music is a balance of pain & pleasure. I get highly temperamental about each sound selection, which builds the atmosphere of the track. And yes, computors still crash on me!!!" "

Archive/Old News: JULY 2006

*** Previous News...

Although Mairead had already handed in her goodbye notice to the Mosa band... Mairead decided to perform one last time as guest vocalist on a few new recordings for the Mosa Funk boys & record producer Scott Donaldson.
These recordings are being mixed right now by the well respected (prodigy) producer Scott ('aka' Donzo) originally from the funky town of Paisley!
(Among these recordings is a brand new performance of the Mairead penned (& previously BBC performed girly rebel song 'I'm Going Out!'). She adapts & performs this over the brand new 'Mosa Funk' penned track entitled 'Smokescreen' (which Mairead describes as "rather juicey" with all that sax!). Miss Emfada shares vocal roles along side guest rapper ... Glasgows very own super-talented Freestyle Master!!! Who does what he does best.... 'freestlyes' with style.
So it's a real 'Mosa Funk/Mairead Emfada/FreestyleMaster' track mix in the makin'.
With skill Freestyle raps his verses and then finds a way to tie them in with Mairead's lyrical theme as they both create a drama that echoes the Mosa music.
M: "Dont know what the track will be called now?!... ha ha : ).. but hopfully, if it sees the light of day the Mosa Funk will give me a wee mention :). It's been an exciting project. Also I have to say I'm real happy to perform (on record) alongside Freestyle Master. I'm a huge fan, no one else raps with a Glasgow accent as cool as he does.
He should be signed to a Major by now! What a waste."

*** JUNE 2006:
After 1 year & 4 months Mairead Emfada takes a bow from the M F C band & returns full-time to her Solo projects

However... Mairead will perform a few final gigs next month along with the boys SO if you want to catch her/them doing the Jazz-Funk thing together... HURRY UP & check it out!!!Check Gigs Page for dates.

*** 29th April 2006:
It's Big In Falkirk!: Sponsored by media The Sun, Real Radio( UZ events) etc.

Catch Mairead along with the Mosa Funk boys do do do a doing their thing! Band due on stage @ 3.30ish at the Big In Falkirk Scottish international street art festival.
It's sure to be a sunny day so funky Falkirk...bring your shades & get those short pants on!!!
Check out www.biginfalkirk.com for full music line up.

-Recent Previous News-

Sat, 22nd April '06:

The Arches presents:

Easter party continues in The Arches party land with this line up:
(Featuring guest DJ'Furious Breaks'on decks and live vocals by 'Mairead Emfada', with bass guitar by 'Joel C', guitar 'Cammy Superstar',
sax& flute by 'DC Daddy' and a 'Mr Rob Watson' on drums/percussive sounds)
and then we got....
Also through out the night expect card tricks by the MAGIC CHEF, free canapes from the BUNNY GIRLS,
free EASTER EGGS at midnight and Bacardi Rum cocktails for only £3.

And WATCH OUT for the very 'BAD BUNNY' (yikes!) and the 'EASTER CHICK'!!!
Adm: FREE before midnight!(£3 after, or sign up for a free all night pass at www.deathdisco.info)

16th DEC 2005
"Explosiff or wat!!!!!"
This Friday at the GUU is where it will all be happening... a night of ham, eggs & entertainment!!!.
Yes it's Daft Friday and let's face it... students are really spoilt these days
with a not- so- daft line up of...
*1.'Mosa Funk Club'/'Mairead Emfada')
(da jazz-Funkin' party animals!),
*2.'Kubb' (Hey, be selfish & buy YOURSELF a Christmas present...i.e a 'Kubb' album!!)
*3.'Mother Popcorn' (a very handsome-looking/ QUALITY jazz band),
*4.Lisa Scott Lee' (ex-Steps)and finally
*5.thee 'Miss Dynamite'!!! (tee-hee...)'
+ Radio 1 DJs JK & Joel
Doors open @ 8pm & everyone gets kicked out at 8am.(Yes 12 hours!).
("It all Sounds B*licious")
AND.... you COOOOOOULD... take a break by leaving the building at some point & heading straight for The Arches where Mairead/MFC will perform yet another set (in support to Crazy P) before heading back over and being daft again!!!Yeehaaa!!


An Emfada scream: "I heard a rummour that Studio 24 may be at it's end.What a shame! It's a bit out of the way from the pretty Edinburgh street lights and when you step inside
the yucky smell of dirty mops hits ya right up the nostrals BUT once you get in there it's hard to give out shit
because here you will find a REAL live music venue! If you are in a band you will understand (once you play there) that this place is an Accoustic Palace. (Music Design=10/10).
I got a real thrill from the fact that Kurt Cobain once walked around here! And there's a small door on the stage that leads to a narrow stairway up to the starry dressing rooms which makes you feel like you are part of Alice In Wonderland. There's just so much magic at Studio 24 so long may it continue as a place for raw live music. "


NOV 05: MOSA FUNK AT FAVELA (round 2). Yes it's true... the funky five are back once again in Favela this Friday night.
Doors open at 10...... so you can knock back a few drinks at the bar before testing out the dancefloor as
DJ B*licious spins some of her fave getto-soul n' funky-breaks for OUR pleasure!Go girl!!! THEN... at the midnight hour...Miss Emfada & rest of the MFC band will take to the stage & play over an hours worth of real funked up magic. Followed by DJs Kenny Breaks & & &....CRAZYLEGS!
Now how's that for a TOP funky night out in dear old Glasgow!!!!????
Doors £5/£3.

NOV 05CATCH THE MOSA FEVER AT THE FUNK ROOM This Friday night as The MFC headline at The Arches.If you want some real live raw funk to get down to then get your bootie, your hips and watever along to The Arches. Check out The Arches website for tickets prices and stage time.

Nov 05: FFFFunky FFFFFalkirk!!!!!! Mairead performed the whole gig by dancing on one
foot whilst pondering whether or not to swing the other foot in a certain direction that would lead
to a certain set of balls. Ahem... DC Daddy was the Referee. Big J got an on stage "Happy Birthday chorus yeahaaa, a Barbie Doll & a very creamy cake (that Cammy eat.Munchies??). Robs kick pedal fell apart as he dosnt know his own strength (big muslces & all that). And last but by no means least....it was discovered that FALKIRK PEOPLE are actually really funky individuals with all their fantasticly funky dancefloor moves!!!! And a very special big thanks goes out to Anne Marie, Events Promoter, on behalf of M & the rest of the Mosa band. Thank you Studio 4.

Nov 05 :MFC Debut @ HOMEBREW! If you just aint got round to checkin' out Homebrew yet (i.e Subclubs new Thurs night) then DO come along THIS Thursday as some of Scotlands top DJs dish out their tunes and the Mosa Funk Club (fronted by Mairead Emfada) will take to stage at 12.15 and play a 45 min set.
It will be a non stop full on fever of funk so get there, get it and sweat it out!!!

SEPTEMBER 05:THANKS 2 FUNKY PAISLEY- U FUNKY TOWN!! The MFC performed at a charity event at the LUSH bar in Paisley on Thursday night (29th) marking the last gig of the September month. It was a cold dark rainy night, however, inside Lush it was hot bright and ever ever so happenin'. M & the MFC band express thanks to Chez for her amazing PR work and a very special thanks to Mr DEREK PARKER & co from Paisley Daily Express who wrote a review on the band.

M:"Hi Derek (& photographer) thanks a million for taking the time to interview DC & me... and thanks for waiting for me to put my lipstick on... ha ha.(Any relation to Peter Parker/Spiderman???). Pleasure to have met you and all the staff.

"Also a massive thank you to all the staff at Lush bar, compliments to the chief for all the yummy sandwiches mmmmmmm...oh and special thanks to my PR Queen CHEZ xxxoo. Hope to play again in Paisley Town... (let me take you- to- a Funky town)...oh and hi to all the Army boys.... (oh la la la oh la la la - boop - boopy do!) "

: It really was all "FUNK @ FAVELA" on Friday night! Mairead swears it is her most enjoyable gig to date!!... So those of you who were there, will have witnessed M with her soul of souls on fire!!! M:"Of couse I thrive on the music BUT it is the people that truely make it for me and last Friday at Favela was full of the type of good people that inspire me. Being a musician can be a rocky road, far too many sacrafices to explain, but it's nights like Friday that make me realize why I do what I do. To see people naturally smiling & dancing so freely to our music really inspires me to keep singing." . And the boys in the band feel exactly the same way. Rob, Joel, Cammy & DC are truely skilled musicians who know musically how to get the party started". So basically M/the MFC say a MASSIVE "Thank You" to all of you... the shiney-happy people.

SEPTEMBER 05:On Friday night 16th Sept The Halt Bar II, recently finely refurbished, was packed beyong imagination as M and the MFC band got on down to Funk it out... causing the place to get all hot & sweaty with their seriously funked up Jazz-Funk. M:"Just the way we like it!!"

SEPTEMBER 05:Tuesday night (13th) saw Mairead & the MFC play a support slot to thee chart topping GLC
at the Glasgow University Union's/Debating Chamber on Freshers Week. The Glasgow University Freshers didnt know exactly what to expect from the MFC but each student sure prooved to be good spirited party animals, even though the hall was too jammed packed to dance. Mairead now singing in the MFC band enjoyed the night, as she appeared straight out of Egypt on stage with her suitcase full of tricks (which included a "Funky Monkey") and the MFC boys sure prooved they know how to funk. A talented Mr. DC Daddy won over the heart of the audience with his sensational and most skilled Sax/Flute playing. Ed joined them on stage with his mighty tribal congas and later 4 of the fine freshers recieved 'Funkiest Fresher 2005' awards for taking to stage with tambourines & bongos (whilst hijacking Emfada's funky feather boas... which later ended up around GLC/Cheifs neck. Mairead and the MFC lads had a ball in the hall... and later joined the students to party on down with the fun fun fun & most energetic rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain. M:"A forever thank you to sista B*LICIOUS xxoo"
AUGUST 05: FLIGHT FOR FUNKS SAKE. Okay... so Mairead is back from her summer hols & is once again devoting her time performing & writing some new songs with the most fabby & funky MFC. She flew back from her hols especially to sing with them at the Wickerman Music Festival & flew back to Spain again right after the show! (M quote:"anything for my MFC boys...meaow").

*********************** N.B N.B ***THE ARCHES GIG***
There are currently a LIMITED amount of 2 for the price of 1 tickets to give away for this Fridays MFC gig at The Arches, Glasgow (The Funk Room). Ticket includes tunes from top DJ Pogo. So contact contact@emfada.co.uk & let us know if you want some tickets reserved. Your tickets will then be left at The Arches reception BUT must be collected by no later than Wednesday 17th Aug 05 (normal ticket price: £6 each)

Happy New Year!2 0 0 5

Mairead recently started off 2005 with a live vocal PA at Stereo with DJs Ash & Thomson on decks.

For those of you who happened to be there that night to enoy M belting out some of her favourite Staxy Motowny funky tunes will also have witnessed her head butting that giant glitterball during her performance as she strutted back and forth the stage trailing a feather boa behind her.Pussy cat! We thought she was being all symbolic and punky by headbutting glitterballs just as she broke into disco track Heart Of Glass. But M insisted "It was an accidental part of the act. Oh God... and my heels kept disappearing and getting jammed down trough the gaffa-taped stage extension gaps! Haha, I'm sure it looked like I was doing some sorta strange Tina Turner dance. The decor that night was amazing. A glitterball heaven handcrafted by Hildi. I mean, where else can you find rotating glitterball sculptures!?!Inspirational."

A MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE, NOV 05 (from Mairéad)

"A big big big H E L L O to the good people out there. Yes... I have not been in touch for such a long time.... It would seem that I have caught THEE Funky Fever (as from March/April of 2005), and I have been singing/jamming, writing songs, rehearsing and performing with the MFC band and things have been seriously funkified!!! It's still early days for me (scared of bands... haha) but I'm still having a good time which is 70% the motivation.

Anyway, recently (as an experiment I guess...) the five of us MFC band monsters went away to a lovely wee cottage in Dumfries for a song writing week AND managed not to strangle each other.... And developed some of our previously raw jams into more arranged songs. Yippeeeeee!!!!(Creativity is good for our health!) Well the songs were more or less there in our jam recordings already but just needed a little extra work. So we will be introducing them bit by bit into our live set over the next few months (scarey for the previous Mosas... but scarey-excitey for me & Cam cause we is da newa Mosas!)"

The MAIREAD solo work/Other Projects...????

"Welllll.... aaah mmmmmm ahhhh well,.. I will still be doing some solo projects (especially with my long time partner & dearest friend Howie). As I still have to keep doing my own creative thing too for artistic-spiritual reasons that can not be explained....It keeps me strong. There's music stuff I NEED to do that would totally clash with the jazz-funk band, although it's probably merging already somehow!. Howie and I have just relocated our recording studio but as soon as it is set up again it will be cool. We're planning to continue on the new material that we had already started in Jan 05'(before I got funkilly swept away) as well as re-vamping some of my older shit.

However my energy is very much with the MFC band right now because
T O G E T H E R we're funkin' amazing! I just love to dance and the MFC music is the best to get down and boogie to. It's ever sooooooo groovey!!!!!!!!!! Cant stop skakin' n' wigglin'. The lads in the band are HOT musicians and we all love and live for that RAW live funk thing and... we are family!! Howie will be doing some re-mixes in the near future for the MFC band so that we have something to dish out. Yummy. Well hey, enough chat from me for now. Just keep on dancing my beautiful ones and thanks again for checkin' in on www.emfada.com
DO come along to the MFC gigs... that's why we play...for YOU. (and the excuse to wear a feather boa....)" -Still love ya all- xxoo M


"Hi beautiful people.Happy 2005.Many thanks for checkin out my new site. As always... I'm writing/singing and recording new songs but will be appearing in wonderful places around the U.K. and Ireland soon. I've been putting together a new live set for gigs. These gigs include dates in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham and London. Also in Ireland my homeland... Donegal, Dublin, Derry, Belfast....

I'd like to take this chance to thank all the club DJs who have played my tunes and many thanks to the radio DJs for the airplay.

I'll be joining club DJs on stage to do a live PA along with my dancers who shine... and are extremely fit! We just can't wait to entertain you!

I will be performing a few of my own songs along with some of my old favourites...so keep checking out my 'Gigs' page... and then just get there and get your sexy ass on the dance floor.I mean, that's what life is for!

(e.g. Come along to the Barbarella Night (24th March) at 'Instant Access', this Thursday at the Sub Club).

Well hey, I must go for now. And many many many thank yous for visiting my web site.

Keep on boogie-woogie'ing!!!!!!

Bye 4 now. One love!xo. M"

SPECIAL THANKS over the years to the following ....may the angels send you love and peace within xxoo M:

*Sub Club & Instant Access residents:Peaches, Groundskeeper/Glenn C (& Home Brew xo) *Phil Howie (I thank you forever xo) *(The Massiff Adventures/Soul II Soul concert promoters: *Willie *Craig (Massiff Adv)*Samantha B,DJ B*licious (Sister!xo) *Tony Talbot (for believing in me xo) *Larry Mullen (for making my music a reality.) *Simon Beggs (Hi Si, how's you doing out there?) Tony Doherty (for teaching me to "always seek Independant Legal Advice".Hey I got my Music Industry degree now ) *Spider Hand (u guys really rocked) *John O'Neill(for my very first MIDI sound engineering lessons & musical inspiration) *Mic O'Connell(top sound engineer & a damn good guy!) *Nim *Marty McGill *Thanks to all the crew at the marvellous music Nerve Centre in Derry, N.Ireland xxoo
* the /N. Ireland Music Collective *Irish Federation of Art & Music *thanks & much love to all the lads of 'The New Capris'(we had some good times...so rock on my brothers!) *Bound For Boston (Cheers to Les for supporting live music) *Neil MacGrory (Hey, long time no see!xo) *Ed, & Richard Harris/Passion House Music (say hi to uncle Rolf...I still think whaaoo what an artist!) *Da Lion (a true Master of da Old School!xo) *Mrs Margaret McGeehan for encouraging me to make the most of my artist skills("excellent!")*Debbie H(just 1 kiss) *Eamonn (yo bro, stay strong love ya xo!). Thank you to the beautiful Niki L (my Niki Noo) for dolling me up... teaching me how to wear high-heel boots and lippy xo :) *****************

LIST TO BE CONTINUED........ (so many people to thank oooooh!)...xxoo!!!