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*New Single Out Now
on iTunes - Spirit Of You

*Studio Time* Mairead is back writing and recording tracks in her own home studio. Incorparating various electronical & acoustic experimental soundscapes. The only clue we get is that it's everything but funk!

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*Fiona the Flower * Everybody dancing *Mango MC/DJ at the Sound House.

*Vicky (Glass Artist- designer).*Geoff's Band. *Mysterious lady *Linda dancing

*Willy Wonka(Saxophonist) & Biggles(MC'ing)*The guys *Phil  & the Croissant lady*The Fly.


*Mr. Mudie(Buddy Bombard!)*Elena & Jeff (T'aipei, Taiwan)*Kai Deitrich (Germany) & friends*Richard ( & his wee bro) singing... knee-high in the Loch Lomand!

*Filming 'Chewin The Fat' BBC Christmas Special (our Garden) *Adnan, Snowman & Mairead.

* The Bag Lady Caroline ha ha!*drunkin beer buddies*Caroline photographing the photographer*Jellyfish umbrellas.

*Another one of Geoffs Bands*surreal!*mixing it* dancing *Mr. Widdowson 2

* Mr.'Widdowson 1' (Mixing it...)*Everybody dancing *Everybody dancing...

*Everybody Dancing*Everybody Dancing*Chris (goldy locks/barman)*Jonny & Andy.